Our Community

We have the unprecedented opportunity to collectively hit the reset button and make changes for a more resilient Mauritius.  We believe progress is always possible and in people who pursue it in a responsible way.  We support changemakers – people and organisations that ignite, lead and advocate for sustainable change in Mauritius.  Changemakers are committed to something bigger than themselves and believe progress is always possible.  We want to shine a light on the people whose mission is to build a greener and bluer, future proof Mauritius through collaboration and innovative ideas.

“It takes a village to raise a child”, this lovely Nigerian Igbo culture proverb is much related to how we feel about sustainability.  We cannot support sustainability by ourselves, and therefore, your input and reach are vital.  The islands need businesses of all sizes to have a positive impact and contribute to a shift towards a more sustainable Mauritian economy – one that not only promotes job growth and economic prosperity but promotes the well-being of society.

We see new hope rising everyday thanks to a combination of new technologies, business models and an evolved way of thinking.  To drive meaningful impact, it must be done across multiple levels, from the value chain and its stakeholders.  We celebrate impact-generating initiatives and through our social media platforms hope to multiply their effect.

Our vision is a coalition of people that give a strong focus on reforms.  Children are the best future encouragers as they learn through their involvement in reducing the environmental impact of their homes.  Acknowledging and addressing this vital impact can make a lasting impression if we model the values of sustainability.  Our behaviours encourage the next generation to secure a more sustainable future for all.  For this reason, we support projects such as the Ebony Forest education initiatives as it cultivates respect and recognition for the environment.

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