Dive Deeper

In sustainability, we often make the mistake of focusing on just the big gestures and underestimate the power of making small steps. Against the backdrop of unsustainable practices that are hurting our planet, it is easy to look at various green measurement schemes and feel your eyes glaze over.

Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean and is home to exquisite marine wildlife and incredible fauna and flora. The Republic of Mauritius comprises of the main islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues as well as the exquisite outer islands of Agalega and St. Brandon. The risk of depleting biodiversity, degrading land and polluting and pilfering our seas is high.  Forming relationships that share innovation and tools for becoming a eco-friendlier and more sustainable island will ultimately help us all reduce our environmental footprint

We believe that small steps can make a massive, measurable difference to the Mauritian community.  Small steps remind us to think about how we can support a healthy environment.  A joined-up and holistic approach ensures Mauritius and its sustainable projects and initiatives are not put into in a silo; but one that informs all of us, unites us, in all aspect of our lives.  We want to inspire, encourage, and unite Mauritians and visitors on our beautiful island.  United we can see the power and impact of thoughtful, small-scale initiatives has on the bigger picture of preservation and conservation.  Together we can really help Mauritius, the more we step up together, the bigger the difference we will make.

We continually update our social media with new ideas, initiatives, and love to hear how you have incorporated some of these steps into your life.  “Perfectly imperfect”; progression is everything.  Some people will not adopt certain sustainable practices if they feel they cannot do them perfectly, therefore adopting small steps helps towards a meaningful change.  Every little action we take matters.  We are not perfect at sustainable living but keep adopting new ways to do more and eventually perfection is not longer something we strive for, rather consistency and awareness.  Find initiatives that resonate with you, then you wholly embrace and cherish every milestone.